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Our Witness Log

According to the response from Guinness, for the purposes of verifying any claim, the a Witness Book must be provided:

Any attempt must take place in view of the public, wherever possible, and a book made available for independent witnesses to sign.  The book should be set up so that the following details can be included for each potential witness:  Date, time, location, name, signature.

For solo and unsupported attempts, we appreciate that it might not be possible to gain an unbroken line of witnesses, but one should try to obtain as many as possible. For an attempt that is supported by a backup team, we would expect it to be possible to gain sufficient numbers of independent witnesses to enable verification for the entire duration of the attempt. Where possible, local dignitaries and police should be sought to sign the book.

We have decided not to publish our final route as that was the largest contributing factor to our highly successful journey.  A combination of deep knowledge of the subway system along superb computer modeling work yielded a highly optimal route.  We wouldn't want another team to simply take our route, make the same ride without any bad luck and wind up bettering our record by a few minutes.  For that reason we have blurred out the station locations where each witness signed our witness log.