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The six participants in the Rapid Transit Challenge met each other at Regis High School which is a tuition free Jesuit high school in Manhattan.  The school was founded in 1914 by an anonymous benefactor and today is supported by the generosity of her family, its alumni and friends.

Each of the six participants pledge to donate at least $1 for each minute that they beat the existing record.  The team is requesting that others join them in making a similar pledge.  For those who already give to Regis regularly, we request that you only make pledges in excess of what you might otherwise give to the Annual Fund.

As of December 31, we received a total of $23.25 in pledges per minute we break the record.  At 87 minutes, this adds up to $2,022.75.  We are still hoping that others who hear about this record continue to contribute. 

If you fill out this pledge form below, you will be contacted by one of the Rapid Transit Challenge team members, or the Regis Development Office with information on how to fulfill your pledge after the ride is complete:

Please note that this information will not be publicly posted.


25 cents per minute ($21.75 total)

50 cents per minute ($42.50 total)

1 dollar per minute ($87 total)

2 dollars per minute ($174 total)