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Press Coverage - Green / Badaczewski Class C Record


Press coverage received by Matt Green and Don Badaczewski for their subway challenge of August 23, 2006.


Two Adventurers, One Subway System, and a Challenge To Break a Riding Record

NY Times - By Thomas J. Lueck


'Record' Derailed

NY Post - By Jeremy Olshan


Marathon Subway Duo Star in '24'

NY Post - By Jeremy Olshan


Railing For A Record

Daily News - By Jimmy Vielkind


Straphanging champs do it all in a day (+:02)

Daily News - By Jimmy Vielkind


Two whackos decide to break subway riding record


Riding the Entire Subway in Record Time (and Other Lessons in Defying Reality)


Subway 'Geeks' Set Out To Break Rider Record

WCBS-TV - by Magee Hickey


MetroCard Magellans Try To Break Subway Record

WCBS-TV - by Magee Hickey


They Did It! MetroCard Magellans Break Record

WCBS-TV - by Magee Hickey


Two seek record for riding entire New York subway

Reuters - By Dan Wilchins


NY subway fans set record for riding whole system



Buddies Go After Subway Riding Mark

amNewYork - By Chuck Bennett


Subway Riding Pals Beat Record

amNewYork - By Chuck Bennett


Transit trekkers beat record

amNewYork - By Chuck Bennett


Entries from the amNewYork Subway Tracker Blog

If you got nothing better to do, why not?

A new craze?

Subway Challenge Update

NYCT "neutral" on Subway Challenge Duo

They say they did it!

Records are made to be broken

The real record holder speaks

amNewYork - By Chuck Bennett


Two Commuters Try To Break Record For Traveling Entire Subway

NY1 News - Bobby Cuza


'Nerds' Complete Subway Challenge

WCBS News Radio - Paul Murnane


The next stop is...

Metro New York - by Amy Zimmer


Duo hopes to ride entire NYC subway in record time

NewYorkology - by Amy Langfield


Matt Green and Don Badaczewski, Subway Endurance Riders - by Jen Chung


More and More People Ride the Subways and Buses - by Jen Chung