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Subway endurance riding is not limited to New York City, an in fact, there is currently a more active circuit for riding the London Underground.

On Wednesday May 5, 2004, Geoff Marshall and Neil Blake visited all 275 tube stations in the London Underground in a time of 18 hours, 35 minutes and 43 seconds, breaking the 19 hour barrier and setting a new record time.

On September 22 2004, Guinness World Records confirmed that this time was a new world record, making us the new record holders.

Their target was the time set by Jack Welsby in April 2002 of 19 hours, 18 minutes and 45 seconds, and was the officially registered Guinness World Record.

While Welsby's record was official, they had heard from a gentleman named Steven Karahan, who said that he made an attempt back in February 2004, with a time of 18 hours, 47 minutes and 57 seconds.  At the time of their attempt they were still waiting to hear if this has been officially confirmed by Guinness or not, but they used it as a marking point and set out to beat it just to be sure.

It was the 7th run of the system for Marshall and Blake was lucky enough to come along for the first time on the record-setting trip.  After finally setting the record, Marshall has hinted that he may make a run at the Paris Metro or possibly the New York Subway.  So far he has done only two more London runs with no new record.


Content and photos from website of Geoff Marshall

There is also a website dedicated to the London Tube Challenge