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Dan Herman - January 2, 2008

At Least One Stop on Each Line - 7 hours, 38 minutes, 57 seconds

Life-long resident of Brooklyn Dan Herman had been seeking more challenges in his life, and dreamed up an adventure that he had always wanted to tackle, involving the New York City Subway.  A bit less demanding than a 24 hour tour of subway stations, Dan created a "One-Stop Challenge."  Dan's idea was to ride at least one stop on all 26 lines (including all 3 shuttles), in the shortest possible time.

Dan is a 38-year-old associate at an investment advisory firm.  After downing a pre-journey meal at a Sheepshead Bay diner, he bought 2 bottles of Vitamin Water, a few granola bars, and headed for Rockaway.  The preparation and planning of the Challenge took several months, including countless emails to several knowledgeable subway travelers, and many visits to the MTA TripPlanner page.  The routes were fine-tuned in December, and with Christmas looming, the final plans were set.

The journey started in Rockaway at 3:14:59PM, and passed many points in downtown Brooklyn, downtown and midtown Manhattan, and parts of Western Queens, before finally achieving success, 90 minutes ahead of his planned schedule, at Grand Central station.  He took one restroom break early in the journey at the 42nd Street-Bryant Park station.  There was one 'out-of-system' free transfer used. 

Along the journey, not only were all lines reached, but every type of car in the current NYC Transit fleet was used.  Along this journey Dan encountered 2 subway performers (34th St-Herald Sq and Times Sq), and one panhandler on the M toward Queens.  Dan aims to travel with a group of at least 4-8 folks in the next such challenge, which may duplicate this one or be similar to it.

Actual riding time: 3 hours, 48 minutes, 18 seconds, on 31 rides
Average riding time was 7 minutes 21 seconds
Actual waiting time was 3 hours, 50 minutes, 39 seconds
Average waiting time was 7 minutes 41 seconds
Total time: 7 hours, 38 minutes, 57 seconds

Note: All information in this article courtesy of Dan Herman