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Matt Green and Don Badaczewski - August 23, 2006 

24 hours 2 minutes - Passing all Stations

Matt Green and Don Badaczewski met at the University of Virginia where they immediately began embarking on such challenges as a taco-eating contest which ended in a tie at 18 and was then settled by running a mile barefoot.  Green also has a history of endurance rides, once staying on a bus for 52 hours straight. 1

Green, a 26-year old transportation engineer, and Badaczewski, a 24-year old law student, both like beef jerky, and brought a supply to sustain themselves during the journey, along with a few bottles of water. 2

They spent five months pouring over subway maps to find the route with the fewest transfers, scouting out stations to plan their route and practicing sprinting through stations to make transfers.  They had to fine-tune their strategy the week before to account for service changes the day of their attempt. 3

Although they will carry cellphones, they will forgo their iPods as "too cushy," and spend their time completing the voluminous logs of their trip.  One of the biggest challenges, both riders said , may be enduring a ride of more than 24 hours with access only to the subway systemís limited number of public bathrooms. 4

They started by boarding the S line at the Rockaway Park-Beach 116th Street station in Queens.  Their goal was to pass through more than 400 stations, before arriving at the Pelham Bay Park station in the Bronx on the 6 line in less than 25 hours, 11 minutes and 8 seconds.  In the end, they topped the record for passing all stations previously held by Michael Falsetta and Salvatore Babones by one hour and 9 minutes.


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Photo by Talisman Brolin from Green and Badaczewski's MySpace Blog