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Geoffrey Arnold - 1963

24 hours, 56 minutes 

Though the MIT group led by Peter Samson was inspired by the "Flushing Youth" Jerome Moses, the record they were trying to break was 24 hours and 56 minutes, set by Geoffrey Arnold in 1963. 1

After their run, the MIT group was questioned by reporters as to why they didn't do as well as Geoffrey Arnold.  They didn't know because they never heard of him and weren't certain as to the rules he followed and how their runs actually compared.

After their run, Peter Samson tracked down Geoffrey Arnold, then a student at Harvard, and with his encouragement Dick Gruen and Samson developed a set of rules which Samson then prevailed upon the Transit Authority to take as gospel. 2

These rules developed by what they called the Amateur New York Subway Riding Committee, delineated three different categories of record attempts:

Class A - Covering all Lines

Class B - Touching all Stations

Class C - Passing all Stations


(1) from the Atari Archives

(2) from the Amateur New York Subway Riding Committee