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We've Finished, and We've Shattered a World Record

468 stations completed!  The details on the timing of our run are as follows:

  • Start:  Thursday, December 28, 2006 at 3:43:06 PM ET

  • Finish:  Friday, December 29 at 4:37:09 PM ET

  • New Record Time:  24 hours, 54 minutes, 3 seconds

  • Old Record:  26 hours, 21 minutes, 8 seconds

  • Shattered Old Record by:  1 hour, 27 minutes, 5 seconds 

Some facts about the ride include:

  • There were 75 transfers made over the course of the run

  • We visited 579 stations, 111 of which were repeats

  • We traveled on all but one of the 26 subway routes, skipping the Z train

  • The approximate distance covered during the run was 292.2 miles of track

  • Our average speed was 11.7 miles per hour including all waiting time

  • Total travel time was 18 hours, 8 minutes, 17 seconds

  • Total waiting time was 6 hours, 45 minutes, 46 seconds

  • The longest we were on any one train was the R for 41 minutes, 59 seconds

  • There were four segments where we were on a train for less than two minutes

  • The longest wait time was 17 minutes, 15 seconds for the L at Rockaway Pkwy; it was at the end of the line and we actually spent a total of 1 hour, 9 minutes, 27 seconds in car 8101 including travel and waiting time

We invited several public officials including the Mayor, all five Borough Presidents and several MTA officials to serve as witnesses at the beginning and/or the end of our ride, but unfortunately, none of them were able to make it.

Though he rides that train, we didn't run into Mayor Bloomberg on his way to work, and we didn't run into many of the characters the subway is known for.  We only saw one person selling candy, one preacher and one panhandler.  We didn't even have the opportunity to buy any batteries or bootleg DVDs if we wanted to, and there we had no performers to entertain us on the platform or trains.

Bathroom breaks are a popular topic for questions.  It was never really an issue for us during the ride.  We drank only small amounts of liquids and visited four restrooms in the system at the following locations:

  • Chambers St after getting off the C around 7:13pm

  • 179 St after getting off the F around 12:59am

  • Roosevelt Ave after getting off the V around 7:34am

  • Lexington Ave/60th St after getting off the R around 1:05pm

We started off at the Rockaway Park station in Queens on Thursday, December 28, 2006 at 3:43:06 PM ET.  Here is a photo of the crew waiting to make their third transfer of the trip at the Rockaway Blvd station, one hour after the start.

Having six people seemed to be more of a help than a hindrance.  There were many tasks to handle and the division of labor worked out well.

Bill and Jason kept two synchronized watches for the official time.  Stefan managed the witness log.  Michael, Brian and Andrew shared the responsibility of keeping dual logs with the starting and ending time of each of the 77 segments of the ride and also noting down the car number of each train we rode in.  Additionally, we kept an additional log of the exact time we visited each of the 468 stations for the first time.

As you might guess we did grow a little weary during the ride, but there actually weren't too many opportunities to catch any rest as we made an average of 3 transfers every hour and spent a lot of time waiting on train platforms.

A visit from Tom Noone around 11:15pm Thursday night with some Big Macs and fries really hit the spot.  Tom also met us around 9:55am Friday morning with a critical delivery of coffee for three members of the team.

A turn-around on the L train in Canarsie around 2:40am allowed for the chance to freshen up.  Members of the team packed a variety of items, from a change of socks and Advil to specialty chocolates and mouthwash.

When the idea of doing the ride was discussed during and after our reunion, Bill initially just wanted to plan out the optimal route and not necessarily make the ride.  We made the run to test our hypothesis and show that we could come up with a better route and set a new Guinness World Recordô in the process.  We didn't do it expecting to get much press coverage aside from the Regis High School Alumni News, but it was nice to see interest from the public and the media at the start and finish and throughout the ride.  We also loved the enthusiasm displayed by many Transit workers when they encountered us along the way.